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Best Top Digger Truck Kids Games For iPad & iPhone

October 16, 2012 – 10:44 am | Comments Off

There are a couple of great truck games on the iPad you might enjoy for your kids that I wanted to share. As far as construction truck and Schoolbus games for kids go, these are …

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Aeropodcast #162: Joe’s PS3 Comes Back Broken Yet Again

December 17, 2010 – 5:44 pm |

Here is another edition of the Aeropodcast, and this week, it is a Joe and Joe show where we talk about all things media rights related.  See, as Joe’s PS3 came back dead once again, …

E3 Preview: Def Jam Rapstar (Multi)

July 8, 2010 – 11:52 am |

If anyone has listened to the podcast, or followed some of my writing here on Aeropause, it should be well known that I am a huge fan of rap music.  Sure I was a simple …

SingStar as a platform? Sign me up!

January 31, 2010 – 2:27 pm | 7 Comments
SingStar as a platform? Sign me up!

Sony recently released the SingStar Viewer in the PlayStation Store, and it’s really a great little (93MB) piece of free software. What you get is effectively a SingStar client that runs off your hard drive, …

Singstar Holiday Update. 20 Million Units Sold

December 4, 2009 – 12:08 pm |

Over at the Playstation Blog yesterday, Sony put out an article detailing the new features that will be found in the latest update for Singstar.  The update is a mixed bag, but has enough useful …

First thirty: The Beatles: Rock Band (PS3)

October 31, 2009 – 8:30 pm | 4 Comments
First thirty: The Beatles: Rock Band (PS3)

The Beatles: Rock Band is a pretty polarizing game. While nobody seems to see it as a bad game, the limitations on it that isolate it from the rest of the Rock Band product line …

Rumoured Beatles SingStar: Less Rumour, More Creative Marketing

September 18, 2009 – 4:41 am |
Rumoured Beatles SingStar: Less Rumour, More Creative Marketing

It’s been a will-they-won’t-they, it’s-true-no-it-effing-isn’t-you-moron saga for several months now, but turns out that rumours about a Beatles SingStar title turn out to be both true and, uh, not true. Confused? Yeah, so was I.
What …

Aeropodcast #92: L.A. is a Tough Town

July 27, 2009 – 10:19 am | 3 Comments

This week, we decided to press rewind as Fourhman and Joe decided to go back in time to chat up last week’s topic a bit more, after Joe went on an arduous journey trying to …

Publishers: No More Plastic Crap With Your Games

May 27, 2009 – 9:29 am | 6 Comments

After seeing yesterday’s Tony Hawk listing for $120 and now looking at two completely different controllers for Scratch: The Ultimate DJ and DJ Hero, I am now officially done with plastic controllers.  I am tired …

Singstar Queen Coming to PS2/PS3 In March

February 3, 2009 – 1:34 am | One Comment

I just read the news over at IGN that Singstar: Queen is coming to both the PS2 and PS3.  While I own a PS2 and could probably buy this for that system, this news has …

Super Troopers Unite: Singstar ABBA is Coming

September 10, 2008 – 2:31 pm |

In the late 70′s, I had the chance to live in England for a few years, and was exposed to ABBA in a big way.  They were huge in England, and my parents were huge …

Sony Playstation Site: Hacked!

July 2, 2008 – 10:38 am |

The US Sony Playstation website recently had some cyber criminals over for an unwanted tour of their servers. Graham Cluley of Sophos, a developer and vendor of security software and hardware has made the claim …

Metal Gear SingStar 4

June 19, 2008 – 6:00 pm |

Some of my coworkers have a PlayStation 2, some of them now have a Wii, but I’m pretty much the lone PS3 gamer around the office. Some of them have held off because of …

SingStar PS3 Pulls It Together

May 23, 2008 – 7:29 pm |

The headline on the Giant Bomb review of SingStar might lead you to think something’s wrong with the game, but that’s quickly rectified by the clear, four-star rating. The review is very well written …

Ones to Watch on PSP and PS3 for May 2008

May 1, 2008 – 6:39 pm | One Comment

April was nearly devoid of releases thanks to the massive landing of GTA IV but May is looking pretty heavily laden with titles that have some sleeper hit potential on both the PSP and PS3.
Echochrome …