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Best Top Digger Truck Kids Games For iPad & iPhone

October 16, 2012 – 10:44 am | Comments Off

There are a couple of great truck games on the iPad you might enjoy for your kids that I wanted to share. As far as construction truck and Schoolbus games for kids go, these are …

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New DOA: Paradise Babe of the Week, Strange Video

March 12, 2010 – 3:31 pm | 6 Comments

This week, we have another babe of the week from the Dead or Alive Paradise title, and it is my favorite character in the Dead or Alive universe, Christie.    Versed in the Viper fighting style, …

Dead or Alive Paradise Presents – Leifang

March 6, 2010 – 6:02 pm | One Comment

Yes, it has been labeled disturbing and creepy by the ESRB, but Dead or Alive is still on track for release at the end of March.  Each week leading up to the celebration, Tecmo has …

Ones to Watch for PS3, PSP for February 2010

February 1, 2010 – 9:26 pm | 7 Comments
Ones to Watch for PS3, PSP for February 2010

To recap, January was unusually strong with three (update: FOUR) good games on the PS3:
MAG was released by the hands that built the SOCOM franchise on the PS2 and so far the buzz is good …

Review: Blast Off (PSP/PS3 mini)

January 6, 2010 – 10:52 pm | 3 Comments
Review: Blast Off (PSP/PS3 mini)

Halfbrick Studios’ second offering in the Mini category is Blast Off, a game with a simple premise. You are a small cartoon 1950s style rocket jetting around a 2d environment Asteroids-style to pick up …

Blast Off Soundtrack Released

December 28, 2009 – 10:03 pm | 2 Comments

The PS3/PSP Minis game Blast Off has done well in reviews, and Halfbrick’s recent video demonstrating how to download it (or any other Mini) and play it on your PS3 must be working. To …

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, Plus, and Digital Graphic Novel hit PSN

December 17, 2009 – 9:44 pm |

Today’s PlayStation Store update include Snake’s best outing on the PSP to date, Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. It should end the tyranny of those $120 UMD copies of the game floating around at …

PSP Digital Comics Launched

December 17, 2009 – 2:50 am | 4 Comments

Following the 6.20 firmware update for the PSP, PSN have launched their new digital comic service and from today, PSPers in the US can use it to access hundreds of digital comics at the PSN …

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Dated and Drawn

December 4, 2009 – 4:48 pm |

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker got its release dates on the PlayStation brand’s 15th birthday. That’ll be March 18th, 2010 for Japan, March 28th for the UK (EvilAvatar), and wouldn’t you know it the …

Aeropodcast #109: Fourhman vs. Mario

November 23, 2009 – 11:56 pm | 6 Comments

This week on the mighty Aeropodcast, we take a break from serious issues to find ways for all of you listeners to save money on your gaming purchases this Black Friday.  For the uninitiated, Black …

Capcom Is Thrilled Adhoc Party Is Coming November 19th

November 16, 2009 – 8:36 pm |

Last week the PS Blog mentioned that Adhoc Party was finally coming to the USA, and IGN notes they’ve gotten a press release that says this Thursday the 19th is the big day for its …

Ones To Watch on PS3, PSP for November 2009

November 1, 2009 – 10:34 pm | 5 Comments

Ok here’s the thing: I don’t care about the huge military-themed, cross-platform shooter coming to the PS3 this month. It’ll get its spot of ink below, don’t worry, but I’m highlighting the three …

Lexar Memory Stick Deals

October 21, 2009 – 1:19 pm |

Think your PSP-2000 or 3000 is perfectly fine compared to a Go? Got enough space in there for some tantalizing digital downloads? If you need more, check out a couple of deals on …

NPD Says The PS3 Price Cut Worked

October 19, 2009 – 7:42 pm | 5 Comments
NPD Says The PS3 Price Cut Worked

The NPD numbers covering September (five weeks from August 30th to October 6th to be exact) are out, and the PlayStation 3 price cut to $299 seems to have worked. Microsoft cut their console …

UK retailers already dropping PSPgo price

October 5, 2009 – 3:16 pm | 6 Comments

The PSPgo has been out for about four days, and… well, Eurogamer is reporting that UK retailers,, and GAME have already dropped the price of Sony’s new handheld to £199.99, (or about …

Sony Considering Totally Free PSP SDK

September 7, 2009 – 2:10 pm |

Develop asked how Sony’s new Minis scheme plans to draw developers away from iPhone’s free SDK.  Sony stated that their PSP Dev Kit that’s currently priced at $1500, may someday be completely free. 
“Further down the line, we may investigate …

Silent Hill Reimaging Shatters Survival Horror Conventions

September 5, 2009 – 4:22 am | 4 Comments

GameShark have posted up a new interview with Tomm Hulett, producer of the up-and-coming and eagerly-anticipated Silent Hill Shattered Memories. After months of speculation about the game’s mysterious in-game psychological profiling, Hulett answers some questions …