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Best Top Digger Truck Kids Games For iPad & iPhone

October 16, 2012 – 10:44 am | Comments Off

There are a couple of great truck games on the iPad you might enjoy for your kids that I wanted to share. As far as construction truck and Schoolbus games for kids go, these are …

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Aeropodcast #191: Uncanny Podcast Host Impression

July 25, 2011 – 10:29 am |

This week on the Aeropodcast, we celebrate the San Diego Comic Con by talking about some of the best, and worst that have come to gamers with superhero adaptations.  Of course, the game above is …

The 3DS eShop launches June 6 with free Pokedex, Excitebike

June 2, 2011 – 10:09 am | 4 Comments

The Nintendo eShop is scheduled to debut in North America on June 6 (evening, Pacific time), finally adding that fourth leg to the 3DS’s wobbly launch window table.
Chief among the initial offerings is Pokedex 3D, …

Nintendo Download – You can’t release a DSiWare game, Dr. House!

May 31, 2011 – 9:00 am |

According to our internal post count, this is the 10,000th post here at! How will you celebrate?
And according to that screenshot, Dr. House and the Dread Pirate Westley will give Captain Kangaroo the business …

Nintendo Download – Puzzle Quest now on DSiWare

May 23, 2011 – 9:22 am |

I remember the fantabulous word of mouth back when Puzzle Quest first came out… to the point that the original DS release was hard to find. ‘Course that was in 2007 and since then Puzzle …

Nintendo Download – Chrono Trigger hits the VC

May 16, 2011 – 8:36 am | One Comment

One of the most-revered RPGs for the Super Nintendo makes a long-awaited Virtual Console bow today. Chrono Trigger is now available for 800 points. Then there’s the monster-based dancing game from Natsume, Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove: …

Nintendo Download – You might remember MDK

May 9, 2011 – 9:33 am |

You’ve probably forgotten all about MDK, until I mention it was the game with the guy in the massive pointy helmet and gimp suit. Also the six-legged dog. MDK2 came out in 2000 for Dreamcast …

Nintendo Download – Now 90-ball bingo, there’s your real hardcore bingo action

May 2, 2011 – 1:20 pm | One Comment

When you want bingo, you don’t want to stop at merely 75 balls. You want the full cosmic 90 ball experience, and Bingo Party Deluxe (500 points, WiiWare) aims to deliver. The rest of this …

Secret Pokemon Egg month now on at Toys R Us

April 26, 2011 – 12:39 am |

Get your Pokemon Black/White, get to Toys R Us, and get a free Secret Egg download!
From April 27 to May 31, you have a month to get a egg that will hatch one of three …

Nintendo Download – Inchworm Animation!

April 25, 2011 – 9:29 am | One Comment

There’s one major Nintendo Download release to discuss this week: Inchworm Animation, an impressively full-featured DSi animation studio for 500 teeny-tiny virtual not-even-real-money Nintendo coin points. We’re so accustomed to not paying much attention to …

Nintendo Download – I thought we already had a Mega Man 10?

April 18, 2011 – 12:49 pm |

Oh duh, this isn’t Mega Man 10, this week is all about Mega Man X, the 1994 SNES game! 800 points gets you this new Virtual Console release, featuring a brand new kind of Mega …

Nintendo Download – Run a tattoo shop, escape from prison, play with birds

April 11, 2011 – 9:33 am | One Comment

This is an interesting week for the Nintendo ‘ware, as we’re getting five games (well, four new games and one new demo) that do not involve a $2 notebook app or a heap of match-3 …

Another DSi music video from Billy Polard

April 8, 2011 – 1:51 pm |

From the mad musical genius who created the DSi-animated music video “Losing Light” a year ago, here’s “when our bedrooms were once haunted.” Hit the jump to watch the video.
Polard gives credit to animation website …

Nintendo Download – Yeah, just go buy a 3DS

March 28, 2011 – 12:06 pm | One Comment

Not a lot of content on this week’s Nintendo Download. Nintendo has assured that nothing can get in the way of you considering a 3DS purchase.
The WiiWare update doesn’t even include any full games… just …

Nintendo Download – Arcade Essentials, the bundle pack that will fool and dazzle Grandma

March 21, 2011 – 9:18 am |

You know how grandparents often are just a little disconnected from your interests? As in, you want the blu-ray of Disney’s “Tangled” for your birthday, but instead they get you a $1 DVD of some …

Nintendo supports school art programs with Art Academy

March 16, 2011 – 10:44 pm |

In cooperation with the National Art Education Association, Nintendo has supplied “select teachers” with DSi XL systems and copies of Art Academy. The program claims to reaching into schools of all levels, although no specific …

Nintendo Download – Plants, Zombies on DSiWare

March 14, 2011 – 9:33 am |

You can’t escape Plants vs. Zombies. It’s everywhere.
This week, the “flower defense” game crops up on DSiWare for 800 points. What I don’t know is how this compares to the $20 retail DS version that …