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Best Top Digger Truck Kids Games For iPad & iPhone

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There are a couple of great truck games on the iPad you might enjoy for your kids that I wanted to share. As far as construction truck and Schoolbus games for kids go, these are …

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Truck Game For Kids On iPad – Tiny Drivers: Schoolbus

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Tiny Drivers: Schoolbus has just been released on the iPad and soon the iPhone. Here’s the details on this entertaining and new educational game from TouchTilt Games.

From the creator of the successful iPad and iPhone game Tiny Diggers comes a new educational adventure called Tiny Drivers: Schoolbus!

The vibrant and exciting new iOS game from TouchTilt Games called Tiny Drivers: Schoolbus hits the iPad with Retina display graphics, easy Gamecenter Achievements for kids and ample Schoolbus driving.

Tiny Drivers: Schoolbus is an entertaining way for your child to learn letter sounds and words while taking the driver’s seat of a Schoolbus on the way to school. Pick up and interact with kids, learn random letters from A-Z and then drop them off at school all while enjoying the bumpy ride to school. Game modes include: Show & Tell with letters, word and letter sounds and object association. Additionally you can choose Letter Search with letter sounds.

“Tiny Drivers: Schoolbus evolved from the success of Tiny Diggers in which you operate construction trucks while learning letters, numbers and shapes” says Shane Whitehouse of TouchTilt Games. “Kids 5+ love the whole schoolbus experience. I wanted to create a new driving game that gives them the feeling like they’re in control of this big, bright yellow truck and having fun while learning at the same time. As with the response from Parents and Tiny Diggers, I look forward to receiving new photos and videos of kid’s playing Tiny Drivers: Schoolbus on the iPad.”

In Tiny Drivers: Schoolbus, aimed at kids aged 2-6, players get the choice of picking a boy or girl to drive the bus with a heavy emphasis on entertainment. The primary goal is to learn letter sounds, object association and words but the emphasis is to take to the streets in your bright, yellow schoolbus that the player drives. Players can pick up kids on the street waiting for the bus, interact with the schoolbus doors, stop sign and other interactive objects along the way. You can even stop traffic when the schoolbus stop sign is up! Then when you’ve filled the bus with kids, head inside the bus for more interactivity; touching objects and letters until the bus reaches the school. Finally, drop the kids off at school and replay the level with different letters.

Features & Game Modes Include:
• Show & Tell with letters
• Word and letter sounds
• Object association
• Letter Search with letter sounds
Animated characters and dozens of sounds
Easy Gamecenter Achievements for kids
iPad 3 Retina graphics
• No confusing menus or navigation
Professional soundtrack by Hessel Van Hoorn

Tiny Drivers: Schoolbus compliments TouchTilt Games’ educational portfolio of titles for kids who enjoy learning on the iPad. The imaginative artwork is bright and colourful with sleek animation and backgrounds. You immediately forget your child is engaged in education. 

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