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Best Top Digger Truck Kids Games For iPad & iPhone

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There are a couple of great truck games on the iPad you might enjoy for your kids that I wanted to share. As far as construction truck and Schoolbus games for kids go, these are …

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Deep Blue Apps: The art of making video games – the easy way

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Have you ever wanted to create your own game for the iPad, iPhone or even all the Android devices? Or do you have an idea for a Mac or PC desktop game?

There are lots of tools and software packages you can use to start building your games, but by far the easiest game development tool is GameSalad. It uses simple Drag ‘n Drop controls to help you build a feature rich game, and then helps you to publish your new game creation to all the various stores.

So, you’ve got the idea, you’ve downloaded GameSalad, but still need some help, inspiration or guidance to creating a Game? This is where comes in.
Deep Blue Apps are a team of skilled developers who have created over 100 Game Templates (and counting) to get you started. They have covered just about all the gaming genres you can think of, from RPG to Car Racing, and from Mind-Bending puzzlers to Arcade shoot-em ups! The DeepBlueApps team are truly prolific in their creation of professional games templates, for you to use and create your own game from.

The DBA GameSalad templates are all professionally created, many include all the Art, Animations, Sound Effects, Full Music scores and all the base elements in place to get you started. For some of the templates, simply replace a few graphics and you have a full blown game, ready to be released and published to the various stores – From Apples App Store, Amazon Store to the Google Store. It couldn’t be simpler, quicker or easier. The team have focused heavily on providing other budding game developers with a rich and immersive array of game templates to choose from.

The variety of templates the DBA team has compiled is incredibly comprehensive. So if you have an idea to build the next Angry Birds – check out there Angry Birds Template – again, as are all the templates, it’s amazing, with most of the coding and subtle dynamics of the original game re-created for you to pick up and use from the Template. To use any of the templates, you simply purchase from the DeepBlueApps website, open up in GameSalad and Press Play! It’s that simple

The DeepBlueApps team have also produced some other non game related templates, like fully featured sound board templates and even a Painting and Drawing template app, that lets you record audio, paint on various canvases and save your work to the Photo Library. As always, these templates are simple, pick up, change and use – for your own purposes.

So what other templates and game starter packages do the DBA team have available on their main website? Well, they have Motor Cross, Hidden Objects, Zombie games, Sniper games, puzzles, racing, shooting, unique arcade games and everything in between. Here’s a quick list of some of the amazing resources you can find over on their website:

- GameSalad Templates
- GameSalad Tools
- Full Game starter kits
- Corona SDK Templates
- Animation and Art Packs
- Music & SFX audio files and kits
- Dozens of FREE demo and example templates

All of the resources are easily located and accessible on their web site, to help you further you can even do a Search from within their site, but if you want to really get fancy, and give your game development endeavours the ultimate kick start – then check out their amazing DBA-Resource Centre (Mac OS Tool). This tool comes in 2 modes (Lite and Pro). DBA Resource Centre Lite – gives you access to every Free asset, template and tool the DeepBlueApps team have – in one easy package. The PRO version of the tool gives you everything they have, Full Games source code, Templates, Music and Art. The Pro license will keep you busy for months on end – creating new games from all of the Templates you will have access to.

If your looking at building your own games, and want to kick start your game developments, then the Deep Blue Apps website has probably got what you need to get started.

iOS, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android Phones & Tablets, Mac Desktop, HTML 5 publishing and PC Windows 8 games. Game Templates for everyone, and everything. The Deep Blue team really do have a game template for everyone.

GameSalad Templates and Game creation starter kits have never looked so good!
Head on over to today, and get your iOS and Android game developments the ultimate kick-start!.

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