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Best Top Digger Truck Kids Games For iPad & iPhone

October 16, 2012 – 10:44 am | Comments Off

There are a couple of great truck games on the iPad you might enjoy for your kids that I wanted to share. As far as construction truck and Schoolbus games for kids go, these are …

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PlayStation Store AND Kevin Butler are back in action

Submitted by on June 2, 2011 – 11:04 amOne Comment

Sony’s handmade adver-mouthpiece Kevin Butler has broken a monthlong Twitter silence with a quip about his beard. His re-emergence is timed with the return of the PS Store and the impending arrival of E3 2011. Does this mean Mr. Butler will be on the E3 stage to bear the weight of Sony’s network hack and service outage? I’m betting yes, because the actor can get away with saying stuff that the stuffed suits would probably rather not have come out of their mouths. Like, say, die hackers die.

The Store update looks to be making good on that month of downtime… a staggering eleven full games, six demos, and a list of add-on content, price drops and ancillary downloads that will cramp up your scrolling finger. Plus over 75 Rock Band tracks!

The Welcome Back packages are, unbelievably, still not available. Sony is still working on that. The company promises “soon” on those, as well as regular fresh Store updates during E3 week.

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  • mclazyj

    And don't forget the 43 Yoostar 2 updates.  I just went through that list and man there is a lot of content.  And they are putting out more on June 3rd.  I know they said they were going to try and catch up on content, but this is going to be content overload and a lot of games are going to end up losing out on sales because of the flood of titles over a short period of time.