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Best Top Digger Truck Kids Games For iPad & iPhone

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There are a couple of great truck games on the iPad you might enjoy for your kids that I wanted to share. As far as construction truck and Schoolbus games for kids go, these are …

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Ones to Watch: PS3/PSP for October 2010

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The first big crop of Fall games is landing this month on the PS3 with a couple of interesting titles on PSP. Things like Rock Band 3 are joined by Castlevania, Enslaved, Battle VS Chess and Lucha Libre, not to mention Game of the Year editions of both Borderlands and Dragon Age: Origins.

Let’s dive right on to the long list of games headed our way.

October 5th
Two Worlds II
RPG, Topware, published by SouthPeak
A new RPG franchise for the console, I’ll be watching for a good review of this one to flesh out a genre on the PS3 that hasn’t had nearly enough entries.

NBA 2K11 (PS3, PSP)
Like basketball? IGN really liked NBA 2K11 on the PS3 and gave it a 9.5. It’s also headed to the PSP this month.

John Daly’s ProStroke Golf
I’ve heard the Move support in this game is exceptional, so good that even the upcoming Tiger Woods game has something to live up to.

Def Jam Rapstar
Another music peripheral game, Def Jam Rapstar will appear in two formats: just the game, or the game plus the microphone.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
The reviews have basically laid bare the origins of this game. Early press indicated that this game wasn’t originally going to be a Castlevania game, and the God of War-ish combat and linear game, although lengthy, seems to prove it. Even so, I’m looking forward to playing the demo once it reaches the US.

Despite some Unreal-engine texture pop-in, I enjoyed this demo. It takes the Uncharted climbing mechanic and speeds it up, adds a satisfying melee game with Monkey fighting some drones, and has made it onto my long term buy list. IGN has also given this an 8.5.

October 12th
Invizimals (PSP)
Augmented reality gaming comes to the PSP with the Invizimals. So far the only way I’ve seen this game available is in a bundle of a PSP-3000, the new camera, and a UMD. If the game and camera show up separately we’ll see how well it does here.

Luca Libre AAA: Heroes Del Ring (PS3, PSP)
Delayed following E3 feedback by the developer, Lucha Libre is ready for action this month. An upside? This one’s set to debut at $30.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I
Billed as a new entry in the Sonic game series everyone loved on the Genesis, this game is annoying to me primarily because it tries to give itself airs as a 4th edition of the series, and tops it off by telling us we’re not getting a full game, just the first Episode of it. I’m not a big Sonic fan so I’ll pass on this one.

The Shoot
The Move demo for The Shoot has gotten good buzz online so far, primarily as a great example of a light gun implementation of the new controller. This one could do well.

Borderlands (GOTY Edition)
I never did get a chance to try Borderlands – really, would a demo have killed them? – so if I might end up nabbing this at some point.

Dragon Age: Origins (Ultimate Edition)
RPGs still put me to sleep but with a sequel coming a GOTY edition is an easy sell.

October 14th
Medal of Honor
The digital download of Medal of Honor is coming back, remastered in HD. Military shooters aren’t my thing but I know others out there will definitely want it.

October 19th
Time Crisis: Razing Storm
I reviewed the GunCon edition of Time Crisis 4 some time ago, and Razing Storm takes that original release, solves all of the peripheral problems by using Move, and adds in another arcade mode for good measure. I’m excited to take this for a spin with a demo at some point.

DJ Hero 2
Available alone or with the peripheral kit, DJ Hero 2 promises to take a game that apparently sold well (after a price cut or two I’m sure) and

Battle VS Chess
Battle Chess is one of the earliest PC games I ever played, and short of a revival of Archon this could be something to fiddle around with.

October 21st
Rock Band 3
This time, with a keyboard. It’s a mature franchise, and I look forward to hearing that the instruments for this one are better than all of the instruments that came before.

Fallout: New Vegas
We’re goin to Vegas! Well, I’m not going but there are tens of thousands of gamers who will definitely sign up for a trip out to the post-apocalyptic west. Why aren’t I going? I bought Fallout 3 and never made it very far before feeling I was making the wrong character development choices and losing interest because of it.

The demo for Vanquish gave me a very strong vibe of one of the first cover-based shooters I ever played on the PS2 called Kill/Switch. While I found the tutorials pretty good, I found the gameplay aspect of the demo to be too fast for my taste. That’s just me, but I hear another Vanquish demo is coming that might clear things up for people.

October 26th
Monopoly Streets
This looks on the surface to take Monopoly, add online play and leaderboards, and throw in a 3D mode to walk around and see the Monopoly world. On the upside it will debut only at forty bucks.

Hasbro Family Game Night 3
This one adds in online play for classic and remixed versions of The Game of Life, Clue, Twister, Mouse Trap, and Yahtzee Hands Down. Chances all of these will be good translations of the board games?

October 28th
Tony Hawk: Shred (+board)
Is this the one trying to use that crazy skateboard from last year? Will it work any better in this game?

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II
I disliked the camera and controls of Force Unleashed, and I’m longtime fan of the Jedi Knight games from days gone by, so this one will have to be really good to get me interested in playing it. Demo, please?

The Sims 3
The Sims hasn’t had a very good console release, and this release of The Sims 3 hopes to break that trend.

The Fight: Lights Out
I do wish that they would take the Gladiator game from Sports Champions and flesh it out to a full game instead of putting something like this out, but I’m not a boxing fan.

TV Superstars
I haven’t heard good things about the demo of this Move game, and haven’t bothered to install it from my Start The Party disc. I’m ready to be surprised, though.

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  • Jordan_Snyder

    Ah… I remember Kill.Switch. That was before I was the review-readin', podcast-listenin', community-joinin' gamer that I am today. Yup, back then, I was sold by the game's amazing, hyperactive trailer. Luckily, it actually turned out to be pretty fun.