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Best Top Digger Truck Kids Games For iPad & iPhone

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There are a couple of great truck games on the iPad you might enjoy for your kids that I wanted to share. As far as construction truck and Schoolbus games for kids go, these are …

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E3 Preview: Conduit 2 (Wii)

Submitted by on July 6, 2010 – 3:06 pm14 Comments

While I was at E3, I decided to use part of my Sega appointment to look at Conduit 2.  Conduit was a title from High Voltage that tried to do quite a bit with the platform that it was on, but it struggled with controls and sluggish performance.  I did not expect a sequel, but apparently the title sold well enough to get one, and High Voltage looks to give gamers an improved experience this time around.

My demo for Conduit 2 started off with our character having to stave off an attack by a creature on an oil rig.  As we worked our way towards the oil rig, we talked a bit about the upgraded tech.  While High Voltage said that no improvements were made, the game looks a lot better than the first game.  It seemed like models of enemies were sharper, and there were more textures being used by Conduit 2.  Maybe it is just me, or maybe I was that jaded towards Conduit, but this title does look a lot better.  We also got to find out that Conduit 2 picks up the story where the first game left off.  While you will not need to have played the first to know what is going on, it might help, as I was a little lost.

Continuing our progress, we got to the oil rig and we got to see one of the six new weapons that will be available in Conduit 2.  This new weapon works like a magnet, sucking up any and all bullets that are shot at you.  The bullets form into a giant ball in front of your character as they are collected.  Then, you can fire these collected bullets back at the enemies in the form of a huge spray of lead.  If District 9 just flashed into your head, yeah, the weapon works exactly like that.

Our firefight on the oil rig was getting pretty hectic, when we got to see one of our defensive items that you can get in the game, a deployable turret.  We can use deplyable turrets to help defend our location when in a heavy firefight.  Not sure how often you can use these items, but our presenter used the turret several times during our mission.  I wonder if it is a time based item.

Controls were a big issue with the first Conduit, and they will either make or break your experience with Conduit 2.  The first title missed the boat on Wii Motion Plus, and it hurt the game overall.  When I heard that Wii Motion Plus would be supported, I was pretty happy with the idea until my bubble was burst.  It seems that Wii Motion Plus is optional, and when it is used, it only help with controlling things like camera movement.  Aiming and shooting will still occur with normal Wii controls, which could end up hurting the title in the end.  I never noticed any issues with hitting enemies in our demo, but again, it was a controlled demo, so the end result may differ.

Our oil rig demo came to a close with us fighting a huge sea serpent monster.  We had to work around the oil rig, using built in turrets to shoot the monster in its vunerable spots when the openings occured.  You had to attack the beast quickly, because the longer he was allowed to have his destructive rampage, the more unstable the oil rig became.  After almost having the rig completly destroyed, we took down the mighty beast and closed out the demo.

When I asked why a sea serpent for the end boss, I was told that they were trying to escape being bound to traditional reality.  They wanted to gie the game a larger than life feel, so creatures and areas you visit will be out of the ordinary.  Some of the locations I was given were a level similar to Atlantis and another taking place in a level near the center of the Earth.

Conduit 2 will also support the same multiplayer modes that you found in the first title, and will allow players to play 2-4 players on one screen, or up to 12 players online.  There was no mention of co-op modes for the title, and I would think that it would have been a bullet point if it was in Conduit 2.

I walked away from Conduit 2 with mixed feelings.  While the game looks better and offers a bigger assortment of levels and weapons, the controls will be the thing that makes or breaks the title.  The controls have to get over the problems of inaccuracy that were present in the first title.  I also feel that Wii Motion Plus needs to be implemented better than currently designed.  Conduit 2 comes out this fall, and we hope to see more of this title along the way to get a firmer idea of where the controls are heading.

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  • Caporalejared

    I played the first conduit for a very long time and I never experinced any proublems with the controls at all mabie you just suck.

  • shinealight

    This is a really poor preview. The controls were the only thing that WEREN'T disappointing about The Conduit, and High Voltage has gone on record many times saying that they've made many improvements to the engine.

  • Jack

    controls? an issue? that would be your problem since you can customize your controls speed and everything in the first conduit. If anything, controls was one of the things they got right in the first Conduit.

    I have no idea what you are smoking.

  • Coffeewithgames

    The proper question for the author of this would be, “What FPS games had you played on the Wii before you played The Conduit?”

    It sounds like the author does not play FPS games on the Wii, which is where the statements like, ” the problems of inaccuracy that were present in the first title” come from.

    If I play FPS games on the Wii(I do), then I go to my PS3 to play a FPS, I have to adjust(relearn) controls and can't simply call dual-analog inaccurate.

    Perhaps by “innaccuracy” he meant the hit detection was off? Which again, I didn't experience to any noticeable degree in The Conduit when I played through the single-player campaign four complete times.

  • Edward Green

    Now I am confused. As a KBM PC player who owns a Wii for traditional console titles, it was the control system that stood out for me in the Conduit which was otherwise a mediocre shooter.

  • Bl00dclaat

    You sound like you didn't even play Conduit 1 or any other Wii FPS for that matter. While The Conduit was lacking in most other areas High Voltage absolutely nailed the controls. You either didn't try the very robust customization options or need some aim assist because you plain suck.

  • Dolphin Z

    Wow, i was tinking control where very good in the 1srt one…… Have you play it ????

  • Dolphin Z

    WiiMotion + is not like a I-pod toutch or something like that! its seam you dismiss the controle before even try it because it have not the COOL WIIMOTION + accessory…….. strange review!

    controle was near perfect in Conduit 1. The rest was ….Ok

  • Athefre

    Looks like we all agree that the previewer hasn't kept up with Wii shooters. The Conduit is the game that started all of these customization options that new Wii FPSs have. The main reason people bought The Conduit was FOR the controls. It is a fact that Wii Remote IR is faster, more responsive and more accurate than analog sticks. Spend a few thousand hours with it like you have analog sticks and you'll see.

  • yadayadayada

    The controls on the first Conduit is probably the best thing in that game. It's either you're one of those people who can't move your character and point and shoot at the same time, or you haven't played the game. Overall though, the controls was superb.

  • Dontezbrown

    Terrible preview. This guy needs to learn how to point and shoot. Either he is mentally handicapped, or smokin' sumthin heavy, 'cause the controls in the original Conduit were outstanding, u could change them to your liking.

    This preview has been stamped: As A FAIL! Dismissed.

  • jaded gamer

    what the? why did you think there was a problem with the controls? They were easily the best thing about the game. Did you not customize them at all? Pointing and shooting with the Wiimote just flat out smokes DA control IMO. The only thing more accurate is a mouse and keyboard.

  • a human being

    Wow, this was honestly a terrible preview. The controls were the biggest issue? The controls were easily the best part about the first Conduit. It pretty much set the standard for every future shooter to ever grace the Wii. Either you either have an extremely unsteady arm to have issues aiming, you didn't even bother to customize your control settings, or you just completely blow at shooters.
    I dunno about anyone else here, but this is a day one buy for me, because I actually know how to play the game.

  • Larknok1

    Absolutely, furthermore, this guy is going to be angry when the game launches without an improved use of wii motion plus. I mean, it would be nice to have some melee weapons, but HVS has said that they want the game to be purely first person shooting, and that if we want melee weapons, we can play something like red steel 2. : Anyways, day 1 buy. :D