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Best Top Digger Truck Kids Games For iPad & iPhone

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There are a couple of great truck games on the iPad you might enjoy for your kids that I wanted to share. As far as construction truck and Schoolbus games for kids go, these are …

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Unreal Tournament III for the PC Sinks, While Crysis Aims High

Submitted by on December 14, 2007 – 12:15 pm4 Comments


Looking over the NPD data this week, there were two PC games of note that were on the charts. They did not rank up at the top as I doubt the PC will ever see million copy sales again, unless all console manufacturers quit the business. But it was interesting to see the respectable numbers of one of the titles and the dismal numbers from the other title.

Unreal Tournament 3, a franchise that started on the PC and has always catered to PC fans was trounced at the register. In 11 days on the market in the US, the game only sold about 34,000 copies. This is a rather ugly number for a franchise that was given life by PC gamers in 1999. Unreal Tournament 3 was a game that looked to get back to basics and bring the fast and furious play that was found in the original game. Epic has to be looking at these numbers and is wondering what the hell happened. Granted, these numbers don’t count Walmart or Digital Downloads, but seeing how the local Walmart has stacks of Unreal Tournament 3 available and the game is not on Steam, it is a low number for the franchise.

Was the game a victim of its own success, or just bad timing in a crowded market? Some have stated that it could of been the demo, which did not meet with the expectations that gamers thought the game was going to be. And while the graphics look good, it is not of the quality of a Gears of War, and a lot of that may be because of bandwidth issues. It will be interesting to see if the numbers are just because of a short month or if it is truly a bust. Epic will also be looking at the PS3 version to see if it sells the same way or if it becomes the leader in sales.

Crysis on the other hand hit one out of the park with sales higher than projected, selling just shy of 90,000 units. This was a game that I thought would have limited potential at the checkstand, because of the high system requirements that people had to have to play the game with a lot of the bells and whistles turned on. It is a good sign that in just over 16 days, the game sold this many copies, and great word of mouth and positive reviews, the game looks to break the 100K marker soon, if not already.

Demand was high at most outlets and stores around the Southern California area were selling out of the title, which is always a good sign. This is a game that could garner a lot more sales in the next six months as people finish a hardware upgrade cycle, with the new motherboards, CPU and Graphic chips coming on deck.

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  • Paul Munn

    Crysis launched 11/13 Tuesday and UT3 launched 11/19 Monday. Six more days, including a weekend, was in Crysis’ favor.

    It’s hard to tell what the install base is for a game like Crysis too but the strength of those numbers really is surprising. I’d fully expect the UT3 engine to scale a whole lot better than the Crysis engine would, but that’s just because Epic’s been developing for PC for eons, not because I’ve actually tested them or think the Crysis developers can’t do it, too.

  • Joe Haygood

    True, a week can make a big difference, but 50,000 copies? I have to wonder if it was a game like Quake Wars, that just got lost in the shuffle of so many games.

    Advertising for the game was minimal at best.

  • morphiend

    I think another factor is that Crysis is not available on other platforms. So the numbers for UT3 will definitely be hurt by being available on other platforms and gamers waiting for their respective version. As I’ve been telling my friends, its sort of unfortunate, but the PC is a dying platform for gaming and these sales kind of show it. I wonder what the sales on consoles will be compared to the PC.

  • George

    I would just like to point out that while NPD does not receive data from Wal-mart, they do attempt to account for Wal-mart sales. They actually survey thousands of Wal-mart shoppers to see what they bought, and extrapolate Wal-mart sales based on those survey results as well as other demographic information they have.

    So, it’s kind of a myth that NPD doesn’t count Wal-mart. Just because Wal-mart doesn’t give them the data doesn’t mean the data can’t be collected by other means.