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Best Top Digger Truck Kids Games For iPad & iPhone

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There are a couple of great truck games on the iPad you might enjoy for your kids that I wanted to share. As far as construction truck and Schoolbus games for kids go, these are …

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European Virtual Console gets a time-limited Mario, and Sin & Punishment.

Submitted by on September 14, 2007 – 10:45 pm2 Comments

While it’s certainly no indication that something similar is in the works for any other territory, the news that Nintendo today released a time-limited game to Wii Virtual Console in Europe is pretty troubling. Even more annoying is that this is a game that has great potential for popularity: Super Mario Bros 2, often called Lost Levels in the US because that’s what it was called when we first saw it in Super Mario All-Stars (SNES) and Super Mario Bros Deluxe (GBC).

The Virtual Console in Europe is celebrating Japan’s Hanabi Festival by providing a handful of titles that never made it to Europe for sale on the Virtual Console, but Lost Levels is only for a limited time: until the end of September. It’s not clear whether the game will vanish off European Wiis at that point, but if I bought the game I’d be pretty pissed if it simply vanished. Seems more likely the connection to the download via the Shop Channel will simply be removed, and those who’ve bought it can redownload it at will.

The most interesting of these titles to those of us in North America would likely be not only Lost Levels, but Treasure’s N64 shooter Sin & Punishment, considered by many to be the holy grail of N64 imports. This is a game that was made in English, and due to weak sales in Japan, was never published here. Treasure has mentioned in the past that they’re expecting Nintendo will bring the game to US Virtual Console at some point. There are other import-only games that will be available this month in Europe as well, such as Mario Super Picross. Read on for the release.

Source: Nintendo via GP.

Hanabi Festival

14 September, 2007- Wii’s Virtual Console has provided a portal into the past since the console’s launch, allowing millions of Wii owners to experience some of the greatest classic titles from yesteryear. Now for the first time ever, European Wii owners will be able to broaden their horizons as a selection of great titles never before released in PAL territories become available to download from the Wii Shop Channel. If you’ve always wanted to discover some of the titles released in Japan or America, now is the perfect time!

Named after the Japanese holiday season famous for its firework displays, the ‘Hanabi Festival’ on Wii’s Virtual Console will see the release of a selection of classic titles split over three themed weeks, starting from today. To celebrate the launch of Super Mario Bros. in Japan on 13 September 1985, the first week of the Hanabi Festival on Wii’s Virtual Console will be Mario Week and will feature the classic Super Mario Bros.

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  • Ben

    Ok – I’m confused. Where does it say the games are time limited? The way I read it they are being released over the 3 weeks of this festival. Thee is nothing about them disappearing once the festival is done. I will be buying Sin and Punishment regardless – I’ll make sure to back it up just in case.

  • Stephen

    Sin and Punishment is not time limited. Only Lost Levels is limited time, read paragraph four of the press release:

    “For the Mario purist this is the ultimate gaming treat, but make sure you hurry; this title will be a collector’s item and will only be available for download until the last day of the event on 30 September (all other Hanabi Festival titles will remain available after the event). Super Mario Bros.