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Best Top Digger Truck Kids Games For iPad & iPhone

October 16, 2012 – 10:44 am | Comments Off

There are a couple of great truck games on the iPad you might enjoy for your kids that I wanted to share. As far as construction truck and Schoolbus games for kids go, these are …

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Gears of War 2 Suggestions

Submitted by on February 2, 2007 – 10:21 pm148 Comments


Come one come all, let’s start a Gears of War 2 suggestion box. I know, Epic’s official site has one but I want to start a list because I have some issues with this near-perfect Xbox 360 game, in multiplayer mode.

1. First and foremost, I’ve never in my life seen so many quitters in one place. If people don’t like the ranked match they’re playing, they’ll quit, leaving you and your teammates high and dry. This really rubs me the wrong way, so let’s let people join a ranked game in progress like the non-ranked games – please!

2. The advantage the host has over others is insane because their ping times are way better. If you host a match, you’ve got a better chance of winning. I’ve approached many enemies and blasted them with one shot, no problem. It’s like you’re always a half second ahead of everyone else.

3. Better weapon balance. The game should be called Shotguns of War or Gears of Frag-Taggers, in my opinion. Tactical movement isn’t really in the code for this IP, so it’s pretty easy to be taken down before you were even aware you were down in the first place. Lose the sniper rifle and offer more balanced mid-range weaponry.

4. Maturity levels of the players are lower in Gears than the green toilet bowl water in a motel bathroom of a crack user. I want to enjoy talking to my teammates without the swearing, trash talking, bad singing, gangsta’ rap, and wining. Solution? Choose your age demographic you want to play in before you start your matches. I’m over 30 now and I want to play with 30 year olds. Also, I want to choose the speaking language of the people you want to talk to. I only speak English so when I’m in a room of Spanish, Italian or French speaking players, there’s some obvious language barriers there. “√âl est√° all√°!!…” What?

5. More players on the team. How about 8 per team? By the time Gears 2 comes out, perhaps the developers will unravel more mysteries of the 360′s code, and we can enjoy a broader team base. Rounds are too quick because there’s few too many people allowed to play.

6. A sealed map is a playable map. Yeah, Gears’ has a lot of glitches. Most of those reside in the ability to float around the map, hide and shoot where one wouldn’t usually hide, and slows the game down as we wait for Mc Joe to finish his 20 minute excursion to the very edge of Gears universe. A few cheats need to be addressed too, like the run ‘n gun or chainsawing yourself, although that’s only cheating yourself.

7. Lastly, Connection issues. It takes a good 3-4 tries before I can successfully connect to a match. Also, when people quit a game, why should we have to sit around and wait for that dialog box to go away? If someone leaves in other games I’ve played, they just leave and it says so on the screen.

Gears of War is an excellent game, it is definitely one of my all time favorites. I’m just hoping part two is a little more polished.


  • Dalamar9876

    I agree that the game rocks, but some people are not into FPS and so will not understand where we are coming from. This does not mean that they live a certain life style or not, it just means that they have a different opinion, so your biggotted comments Tommy Carlson should not be tolerated and if your read what this conversation was about you would know its how to improve a game that has to be in the top 5 FPS of all time. So if you dont have anything constructive to say, keep those fingers away from that keyboard.

  • Butters0422

    first off this is not halo or sole calabor its a game set in the furture where humanity is barley able to survive the overall theme of the game is kill or be killed not get killed respon then get killed again and invites to ranked would be retarted cuz then u could make a super team and win each time you already can do all one wepon kos and whats the point of a tork head shot when it has the same effect even if u hit them in there foot and cars in this game is stopid cuz this games about small maps if u want cars with a gears look get UT3 the only good idea is trip mines and my 2 ideas are longer campaine and harder bosses through out the game like corpser sooo easy bomber guy *scofs* we should fight the queen and thoes rocket guys when u get out of the fenix estate

  • Brandon

    I glitch but only in annex when everybody else is. I think they should make a new game type just for glitchers. That way, people who dont like to glitch dont have to join.

  • Brandon

    I glitch but only in annex when everybody else is. I think they should make a new game type just for glitchers. That way, people who dont like to glitch dont have to join.

  • Lithium

    shit, people still comment on this post?




  • frag per sec

    There should be a match option like this

    Newbie zone – This is for all new players, stops more experienced players taking the piss outa newbies skills

    Regular- For more experienced gamers but not the type who get too serious

    Serious- for all the gamers who like to get rapped up in the game.

    the first time i played online gears, I had 1337 players picking on every little thing i did and quite frankly I did not enjoy that.

  • zenithofapathy

    Suggestions for GoW2 or for improving GoW:

    1) A barrage of bullets from a lancer or hammerburst should stop somebody from charging (like host shotgun whores running through everybody), similar to the stun from a frag exploding nearby or getting shot while revving the chainsaw.

    2) Sniper shouldn’t be able to scope while being sprayed with a lancer or other automatic weapon.

    3) Proximity mines or a flamethrower as a special weapon.

    4) Friendly fire damage from frags. Its ridiculous that somebody could throw a frag into the middle of a shotgun battle on Gridlock or War Machine and kill the opposing team while causing no damage, or at least stun, their own team.

    5) Regional servers instead of having to deal with the latency of a host on a continent or ocean away. As much as the host powers defenders talk about “leading” their target, that works maybe a quarter of the time. A lot of time there are one-on-one shotgun battles, and both players are rolling all over hell’s creation, which makes it difficult to predict where the opponent is probably going to be by the time you compensate for the latency and forecast your target’s location. It would also make a player’s bullet lag consistent in just about every match, so a player wouldn’t have to spend the first three or four rounds figuring out how much to lead.

    6) Quitters should not be able to join a game until the game they quit is completed. Hosts quitting a game should not be able to host for a 24-hour period, or the host should be transferred to the relatively best connection.

    7) Active reload for the sniper should be removed. It takes almost no skill for an active whore to hide halfway across the board (usually abandoning his teammates in the middle of a firefight) and get one-hit downs. Maybe active reload on all weapons should be taken away from host (evening up some of the host powers), or even taken out of multiplayer all together.

    8) Characters with slight attributes changes. Cole should be slower but more durable to damage. Boomer (reduced in size to fit mulitplayer) or RAAM would be the locust equivalent. Baird and Locust sniper should have quicker reload/active reload times but easier to down. Carmine (or whoever his replacement in GoW2 is) and Locust drone should be quicker on rapid fire and roadie run but easily damaged.

    9) Age preferences, since most of us 30somethings don’t want to listen to a prepubescent whine and ramble like he got kicked in his hairless gonads, or the suburban white kids talking like they’re inner city blacks running with a gang.

    10) Fix the consistency of the shotgun damage. Sometimes I’ll point blank somebody with aimed active reloads in the back (like a sniper in Gridlock aiming towards boomshot) three times and won’t even down them, other times I’ll chop their legs off with a single shot from five or ten feet away without an active reload. I don’t host, so that’s not the difference.

    11) Cause damage during animations…..reviving, curb stomping, or using the chainsaw should make them susceptible to damage, including getting their skull cracked by a sniper.

    12) Forget the PC-only campaign chapters. The majority of GoW’s base will always be on XBox, and should be rewarded for making a single-console game one of the best sellers of all time. More multiplayer maps, more campaign missions for XBox!!!

    13) Hammer of Dawn should have an overheat function, like the Covenant sniper rifle in Halo 2. It shouldn’t be a rapid fire weapon. Maybe even add a window for being able to use it, like cloud cover getting in the way and out of the way every minute or two.

    14) More environment interactions like the bullet train in Tyro Station or the generator and kryll on Bullet Marsh. It adds a new dimension to game play that both teams have to adapt to. Maybe a caged berserker on a level that can be freed by a player or multiple players who have to work as a team with a certain sequence, or a randomly misfiring Hammer of Dawn satellite on an outside board like Gridlock, or a Locust hole opening up and a few wretches running amok, or being able to release some of the “juice” in the stirring mechanism in the middle of Process to make a part or the board impassable for a couple of minutes until it drains, or a giant turbine fan as a potentially deadly shortcut (which could be disabled by another player for a 5-second window, adding to the teamwork intent of the game), leading to a flanking position or a special weapon.

    14) Add a 5th ranked multiplayer mode of every player for themselves. Sometimes people just want to run around with guns blazing, and not worry about the tactics of playing as a team.

    15) Possibly add a small jump (like 1 or 2 feet), but with a delay between jumps so a player can’t bounce around like a kangaroo as they do in Halo.

    Otherwise, excellent game, and coming from a Marine, by far the most balanced between tactics, realism, and playability. I’m looking forward to the movie (which I heard takes place on Emergence Day) and the next game.

    I was thinking for the movie that Batista from WWE would be a perfect Marcus, Carlos Mencia could pull of Dom if he’d turn some of the chub into muscle, I’m sure they could find any number of football or basketball players to pull off Cole (like a younger version of Charles Barkley), and General Hoffman could only be played by Lee Ermee (Full Metal Jacket, Texas Chainsaw Massacre).

  • greg steeves

    well it would be cool if you could make your own charter like the face. And you shoud but things that can break in online play.AND PLEASE BUT CARS IN THE ON THE ONLINE PLAY. Make it so you can have more people in a game.

  • greg steeves

    well it would be cool if you could make your own charater like the face. And you shoud put things that can break in online play.AND PLEASE PUT CARS IN THE ON THE ONLINE PLAY. Make it so you can have more people in a game like 10 on 10.

  • trevor

    You need to put rocket launchers in the game.and fix up the glitches.lots of new levels.put like a sowrd in it.more guns.make the story longer.Put some turrets in the online mode.

  • T

    I agree with playing with your own age group and language group. This is an american game made in the USA. Speak Englas senior! Especially if have been living here for 10 years already! Learn the language or have the choice to play with your hombres in your own room. Comprende!

    Also, their are too many immature pimpleface teeny boppers playing that ruin the gameplay! I also agree with the gangsta raping Hip Hop talk. YO leave that wannabee @#&*! out of the game, and keep it in your suburban hood! You sound like a FOO BRO! YA KNOW WHAT I”M SAYING G? Also they think it’s fun to kill their own team mates. I say penalize those immature team mates who actually think it’s fun for purposely killing their own teamates and send a virus to their xbox or better yet send a extra charge to their parents credit car for purchaing a X Box live account for their 14 yr old son! Just a friendly request to make the game more enjoyable for everyone!

  • belgaz

    gears was the reason i bought my 360.. i seen the commercial once and knew i needed that game… but then i played multiplayer. I aggree with a lot of the complaints, but also like most of the game.
    1. the shotgun is way to powerful, as in not the 1 shot kill thing, but i can hit ppl from way to far away with it. and although the game “should be called shotguns of war” its only cuz ppl ont kno how to use the lancer right, like how i can take ppl out lancer(me) vs shotty(them) at mid range.
    2. the prepubesant kids are way to annoying, cuz i either get myself killed laughing so hard when their voice cracks, or i get myself killed laughing when they try to intimidade players with their “yo-yo whats up gang banger” talk, thats annoying and is 1 of the main reasons i quit, just because its a lot less enjoyable having a 12 year old mocking u, or crying after u kill them.
    3. the language barrier is a severe pain cuz u cant report someone, even if they use the most discusting racial slurs imaginable, because thy’re speaking some incomprehenciable language, and just the fact that u cant understand what thy’re saying, no matter how innocent or devilish what thy’re saying is, is extremely annoying.
    4. i loved the story mode campaign even though by the end i still understood nothing (needs to be cleared up a bit), and loved multiplayer co-op even more cuz the AI ppl are morons(mayb about a 5% intelegence boost minimum?), but ranked multiplayer made me quit this game about 4 days after i beat the hardest difficulty, just because everyone, unless u know them personally, is severly annoying cuz they act as if ur a noob and thy’re the 1337est dood ever if they get 1 kill on u no matter how good u are and how many kills u get against them beforehand. to many people act as if this game is their life. gotta make a less addicting game lol.
    5. the hammer of dawn is WAY overpowered for multiplayer use.. u can take out the entire opposing team in like 3 secs without them even knowing what happened till they see a dot at their feet where the laser is aiming, then BOOM! and its got unlimited ammo, with no need for a satelite overhead.
    6. should be penalties for ppl that leave ranked games, espically host, or at least transfer host power to someone else, and have the strengths of people based on the handicap of the game.. like in a 4v1 the 1 should be more powerful then each member of the 4, but not so powerful as to rape them all and think thy’re 1337 for taking out 4v1.
    7. the host should not be more powerful then the rest just because they hosted the game… get a lot less games that take 15 mins to find, and even longer to start up if host has no benefits.
    8. you should have a online ranking based on how good or crappy you are, and when u go into a ranked match the game should be balanced, instead of having an army of doods that can pwn ur team without ur team getting 1 kill off of them, then they make fun of u guys cuz u just started playing.
    9. the charge should get stopped to a normal run, or even a bit of a stop if hit enough cuzza shotgun doods that charge up and just before thy’re dead they blast u and ur on the ground as fertilizer.
    10. immature basterds that keep knocking u back down into a bleedout position after u stand up then dancing on ur body 4 or 5 times should have some form of punishment.
    11. glitches… holy shit theres a lot of glitches wtf is up with that… its insane for ppl to be able to basically hack their way thgough the ranked games by crab walking, going through walls, hopping to places where u cant even see them, yet they shoot you through the wall.
    12. more wepons would be a lot better as once u start fighting the stronger enemies with a lancer on the hardest difficulty it takes quite a few rounds and a long time.
    13. i like every aspect of single player except for 3 things… the part where ur in the apc with a flashlight killing bats, how dom is so stupid, against raam he’ll go toe-to-toe with him and cry for your help, while raam is standing on his body, or run out in front of a turret and get turned into worm food while trying to shoot someone thats completely protected from the front. the bosses are way to easy and predicatable.. the only hard-ish boss is the berserker where he jumps through the wall and comes at u no matter how quiet u r.. but if he hits ur retarted partner after hes down u lose.
    14. the lancer is the best wepon i have ever seen in any game i have every played, but the chainsaw takes way to long in multiplayer cuz it gives plenty of time for someone to get in nice and close behind u and with perfect timing blow a hole through ur gut with a shotty. and how does getting hit stop the revving? sure the gun would be unstoppable if it didnt but i dont get the concept of 1 pistol round to ur back from an opponent completely screwing over ur perfect assasination on his unknowing friend.
    15. the ability to kill that big assed dood that only appears once in the game… hes got cannons on him and u only see him as ur escaping the back of the mansion and have 30 secs to get through 3 or 4 boomers and an army of machine gunners.

    thats all i can think of.. it’s been a while since i’ve played online so the glitches might be fixed already and sry if they are

  • Pwnage111

    hey, i agree with the immaturity on live it really f***s me off when theyre like ha pwned and all that shit but i feel that a couple of you are wrong about the multiplayer mode…..i believe they should put in a ‘big ranked match’ like halo does, and the ragdoll on it is way too much, though i do like how they did the graphics on the insides of their body gamertag:pwnage111
    add me please

  • Pwnage111

    now to be honest they nweed a hell of a lot better bosses i killed RAAM IT UP YOUR ASS oninsane in less than 3 mins on my own

    so please microsoft make them try and rip your heart out, GIVE ME A FUCKING CHALLLENGE…sorry for the cursing……

  • Pwnage111

    belgaz the glitches havent been fixed, theres still people crabwalking, host shotting and shit so i tend to kick theyre ass with a bit of my own host shot, i never glitch though, glitching is for people who cant actually play the game……

  • Pwnage111

    just a glitch , just in case there are any people who cant play gears, host a match, then do host shot if you know how, and then the shotgun is stupidly powerful, ig got hedshotted fro mlike 20 metres awayi dont use it tho, but i can so add em on live….pwnage111, maybe we an have a clan and tart our own tourny

  • Pwnage111

    if anyone needs tips on how to kill glitchers call me 01275852838

  • Pwnage111

    well actually dont cos il call the cops

  • Pwnage111

    my real number is 01275852257

  • Pwnage111

    can somebody please reply to my posts im gettin bored

  • Old Lou

    My beef is where the fuck did the the locust come from? outerspace? are they fuckin aliens? or are they people turned locust? like wtf?! i think they need to put more of a story about em.

  • sV I ViSiOnZ

    I really hope they include a real story. Not just run kill and protect. I mean in Act 4 Marcus is walking through his old house without a care. They should have shown emotions. And chracter development. One thing they lack. And i hope they put more Acts in. I completed it on Casual in my first week. The it took me three weeks to complete Hardcore.