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Best Top Digger Truck Kids Games For iPad & iPhone

October 16, 2012 – 10:44 am | Comments Off

There are a couple of great truck games on the iPad you might enjoy for your kids that I wanted to share. As far as construction truck and Schoolbus games for kids go, these are …

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Hey Gamestop! Stop Opening My New Games!

Submitted by on January 31, 2007 – 2:18 pm210 Comments

stretch_Wrap.jpgI waltz up the the counter, gift card in hand, “Pirates PSP, please.”

“New or Used?” The clerk asks, timidly. I pause for just a moment and happily reply,

“For twenty bucks? New!” I also had an unclaimed $5 pre-order credit from Lost Planet to apply, but he didn’t know that yet. I stood there and watched the clerk open the cabinet and lift out a Sid Meier’s Pirates designed users manual. I see him pop open an empty PSP case and slide it in.

“I said NEW.” I replied angrily, having seen this before and knew what he would say,

*voice shaking* “This is new,” I was furious at this point. It was cold and late and I didn’t have time for his crap.

“So if I walk out the door right now with that unsealed case then walk back in here next week with it in the same condition, you’ll give me full return credit as a new game? I mean, it IS new after all right!?”

*blank stare*

This has happened to me prior to yesterday and each time, I walked out without my game. Previous arguments started very similar to this one, with the rep trying to sneak the game into a bag and leave it out of sight until I walked away with it. As soon as I walk out that door, my game is now devalued 80%.

195983b541.jpgIt’s a pretty underhanded practice and even though I did end up buying Pirates yesterday, it was only because the game cost me $15 of a gift card. At that price, the game has more value as a coaster than as a trade-in or listing on Ebay. Nevertheless, It’s pretty scummy for them to repeatedly pull this crap on unsuspecting buyers. I was waiting for it and called them on it, but I’m sick and tired of having to do it every time.

If you’re wondering what happened after the blank stare I mentioned earlier, well his manager instantly took over.

*Mr. Roboto voice* “You have seven days to exchange it for an identical item.” I laughed at the response because again, I had heard it before. Then, like clockwork, the manager offered to seal it in shrink wrap with his trusty heat gun, effectively discrediting the value of any sealed game in the entire store. It was meaningless for this particular sale and I couldn’t stay and play, so I let it go. I know it’s not their individual policy but more of a corporate decision. I thought I’d be better off venting my anger here instead.

Have any of you experience something like this or possibly got home with your “new” game only to find that it was already opened?

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  • Turk

    This isn't the only case in which this happens (im resurrecting this i know) but Gamestop employees are also allowed to “rent” new games and sell them for new when they return them. They reseal them there selves with the shrink wrap. The only acception to this is DS games which you can not erase the save files for.

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    Great article.

  • Saucy_1

    I fucked a gamestop manager in the asss, while she was gettin my “new” gayme out of teh drawar….trew storey

  • Blzcdmn

    I bought a new copy of dragon age origins today they told me it was the last one so it wasnt in the case when i got home i open it up an its a used copy of dragon age origins awakening so not only was it used when it was supposed to be new it wasnt even the right game. When i tried to take it back they said they said i couldnt exchange it cause it was open . So now im out 30 bucks.

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  • Imnotluckyjustsaved

    I'm a gamestop assistant manager in Kansas City, MO. The reason we unwrap most of our games is that people come in and steal the cases right off the shelf. I can't begin to tell you how many empty cases walk out my door in a week. If you are going to buy new instead of used, then I suggest you ask your clerk to put the clear sealing sticker on your case. This way if you have to return the item, it is still wrapped. And you're mistaken on the return policy, you have 30 days for a defective exchange for the same item, or 30 days to return the item, still wrapped or sealed, and get your money back. Thanks for listening and I hope this helps

  • Imnotluckyjustsaved

    Not anymore. The checkout policy applies only to used games in which there are more than two copies. Anyone not following that policy is in direct violation of corporate policy.

  • Fadedsunz

    Do not lie Mr gamestop assistant manager.One of the privliges that a gamestop employee has (I am former gamestop minion) is they get to take home a game to play that is unopened and after they bring back its put on shelf as new,thats exactly why it was opened.

  • No

    boycott gamestop for new games. just avoid them all together. problem solved