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Best Top Digger Truck Kids Games For iPad & iPhone

October 16, 2012 – 10:44 am | Comments Off

There are a couple of great truck games on the iPad you might enjoy for your kids that I wanted to share. As far as construction truck and Schoolbus games for kids go, these are …

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Wii Web Browser Review

Submitted by on December 31, 2006 – 8:36 pm9 Comments

As I’m sure Stephen might know, a few days ago Opera released a trial version of it’s Wii-exclusive Web browser and let me say ladies and gentlemen that I am impressed. Even thought this is just a trial version, it managages to make itself almost as accessible and feature-rich as Mozilla or Internet Explorer for computers.


Sure, my expectations weren’t low, but they have certainly been blown away by this awesome peice of Wii Ware. Not only is the Browser absolutely free, but it is also extremely useful. I was actually expecting something along the lines of the PSP’s java-based web browser which only allows you to look at photos and read text and has extremely limited functionality. Don’t get me wrong, the PSP browser is a nice little extra that you might enjoy, but the standards for console-based browsers have been way raised and the sorry little PSP cowers in it’s hovel while I am free to access YouTube and Myspace off of my big-screen TV.

It’s got just about everything you want, and the things it doesn’t have it will when the full version is released in June. YouTube is completely accessible with no restrictions whatsoever, as is the ever-popular MySpace, which, was a big punch to the PSP browser’s kidneys since you can’t enjoy either of these online communities to their fullest.

Videos and friends not your thing? More of a flash animation/game junkie? Not to worry, friend. With the Wii you are free to watch any flash video or play any flash game(that only uses the mouse)and enjoy them to their fullest. Can there be anything much more enjoyable than playing Paddle Ball for free while you sit in a chair, Wii in hand? Sure, but it’s a nice addition.

Final Decision:
Though this is only a limited trial version of what is to come, it completely blows away any expectations you might have for a console-based browser. Full videos and sound and a blazing fast speed…. depending on your connection, I guess. It was definitely worth the 0 Wii points I paid for it… which makes it nearly impossible to give this thing a great score, which is precisely why I’m going to give it a nice score. comments/emoticon_tongue.png

Score: 8.9/10 (A-)

  • Stephen

    I have to say a number of my problems with the browser have proven unfounded in the past few days as I’ve spent more time with it. The problem with text fields closing on me went away once I started using carriage returns in them, making it hardly a dealbreaker. I have been having issues with YouTube cutting off videos after a few seconds though. Might have to do with my wireless setup, I’m not sure.

  • James

    YouTube issues are probably RAM related.

  • Josh

    Actually, the Flash Player included with the Wii browser is Flash Player 7. So, a lot of Flash content that is designed for FP 8 or 9 may not work properly at all. As mentioned above, some of the issues with Flash content may be RAM or processor related, but many will also be due to the difference in what version the content is designed for vs. the Wii’s capabilities.

  • Stephen

    The issues are not consistent. Sometimes it cuts off but other times not, I can watch a whole clip that’s several minutes long.

  • Kyle

    Opera has problems on Youtube because youtube is specifically undergoing some tune-ups so that Wii owners can easily browse on it. I’m sure it will be fine. What I think is the most cool part is that some flash games on the internet are compatible with the Wiimote.

  • XAQ!(aeropause)

    I forgot to mention to watch what sites you visit because you don’t want a virus on your Wii. Also, some of the problems you guys mentioned, I have yet to encounter(such as the text feilds closing)and I am writing this with my Wii.

    The trial version is for webmasters as much as it is for wii owners. It is here so people can start to get accustomed with it to make changes or compatibilities with the Wii.

    This thing will be way sweeter once a bluetooth or even USB keyboard comes out.

  • Brian

    Why is my browser a $20 option ?

  • XAQ!

    The browser is now 100 Wii points($1.00).

    Brian: Check it again, pal. It was 2000 point when it first came out, then it was free, now it’s 100.

  • Stephen

    The browser is free. When you’re on the screen in Wii Ware that shows the browser, read above the dotted blue line. The point count at the bottom of the screen is not the cost of the browser, it’s how many Wii points are on your system. So when you threw 2000 points on the system, it said 2000 points at the bottom. When you spent 1900 of those points, it said 100 points at the bottom. The price is higher up on the screen. It’s confusing, and when I first went there, I thought it was telling me it was 2000 points as well.

    If you click Download you’ll get another screen explaining how many points and how much storage space you have now, how much you’ll have left after, and you’ll be asked to confirm. They make it super clear on that screen, but not on the previous. I’m hoping they smooth that out later.