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Best Top Digger Truck Kids Games For iPad & iPhone

October 16, 2012 – 10:44 am | Comments Off

There are a couple of great truck games on the iPad you might enjoy for your kids that I wanted to share. As far as construction truck and Schoolbus games for kids go, these are …

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Gears of War Cheats And Glitches

Submitted by on December 24, 2006 – 12:55 pm140 Comments

So last night I was playing a little multiplayer Gears of War when all of the sudden a few of the guys started venturing outside of the regular play area. The map that they showed me this neat trick was Tyro Station – the train level. Once one is on the train’s platform, you must then hug the wall on one side and then you’ll magically be on top of the wall. You then proceed walking down the wall until you…well just watch the clip that I video taped. Thanks to “CHEWYBOBCAT”, “EMONEY1821″ and “fAtl1P0988″ for taking me on this glitchy Gears journey. Music is by Final Fantasy from the album He Poos Clouds and the song is called This Lamb Sells Condos.

I asked myself if all this excess map usage outside the regular users point of view is really necessary? I’ve built game maps before and I can understand some polygons for the background but this is a bit much. Talk about a texture memory hog. Does Epic know about this glitch? Will it be fixed in the rumored ~Christmas eve patch? Who knows but until then, have fun trying to escape other maps if you can find a loophole so we can report these issues to Epic. While I’m not in favor of cheating, I do encourage trying to find other glitches so we can work them out for the next patch.

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  • Gamertag- Chupacabris

    listen, i am a GOW master and pro glitcher, but i dont use the glitches in formal matches, i glitch for recreational purposes, iknow just about all the glitches out there, and if u think im lyen, then add me, ps, my conz has d ring o death so i cant actually play but that doesnt mean i cant tell u how via,it should be fixed next friday, i think i made a list of some of the new glithes (after the patch) some where here so pleaze look at it…

  • Gamertag- Chupacabris

    heres the list of SOME new ones.

    GOOD NEWZ GLITCHERS, as it would turn out the patch really didn’t fix the glitches =D
    1. you can still do the Crab walk or run an gun (roadie and shoot)
    2. Jump out of levels
    3. chain saw jump
    4. slide
    5. fly (yes i said fly)
    6. chain saw glitch! (the first glitch discovered)
    7. get automatic weapons that fire both blanks and real bullets
    8. plant a bomb in someone can get the kryll/bats to freeze in air
    10. you can make the poison gas blow you up not down…


    1. when someone gets tagged by a grenade by you and your teamate chainsaws him then the grenade becomes neutral and can kill all of your team even if friendly fire is OFF (that sucs)-also works with tork.

    2. when you switch to shotgun and fire before switch is done the that shot will be an active.

    3. in annex when your team starts to score and someone quits makeing the connection error thing to come up, you keep scoreing even though no one can move.

  • FYG Kris201 X

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA your all so noobish you all know all the noob glitches but none of you know any of the decent ones I.E Back flip, Infinate Ammo, invisible, tele port (Frigin hard), still move with conection error and not a glitch but get 20 head shots in a min =P dun by me any ways if u wont to know a glitch i know all of them in the book my GamerTag:FYG Kris201 X. send a friend request if you wont to know.

    Fire Your Guns and dont miss. BOOM!!!! Head shot

  • BarbblerElf

    You are the n00b. Why don’t you check the dates to the posts above yours. I will send you a FR because i don’t believe some of those glitches. I also want to tell you about a better site. Oh and maybe I can invite you to some glitch matches.

  • mamadontlikeme

    its just a glitch goody two shoes. they r meant to be fun so dont be a party pooper and cry to Epic about it. besides that glitch is old news

  • mamadontlikeme

    its just a glitch goody two shoes. they r meant to be fun so dont be a party pooper and cry to Epic about it. besides that glitch is old news

  • mamadontlikeme

    FYG Kris201 X ur a noob for bragging about glitches cuz u probly cant do half of them so keep being a poser too but BarbblerElf they do exist cuz i have done them…with a few(alooooooooot) of tries of course

  • BarbblerElf

    When I said they don’t exist I meant real and not half crap. I would like to know how to do them if you know. I would like to know how to have Infinate Ammo that are real, not blanks. I would like to know how to turn invisible on every players’ screen, not just your own. I would like to know how to walk with the connection errors without standby. If you know how I would like to know. Send me a Friend Request. My Gamertag Is BarbblerElf

  • Funk

    just as the glitching is a part of the game wouldnt it be a bonus for those of us who are legit and have all the achievements out of the game legit to have an anti glitcher glitch why not put something in the game to stop these exploits it would be as easy as putting the glitches in there but have an anti glitch that would reset the game to default or just block the glitch, really the glitching doesnt benefit the user most times it leaves the glitcher open to getting mele’d or chainsaw’d, especially a crab walk. i have chainsaw glitched so many crab walkers that it almost makes the glitch a disadvantage. unless the user goes outside of a map then really there just hiding from being rocked thats all. glitchers use there exploits when they are loosing to keep from being killed it’s quite pathetic.

  • Funk

    all the time these superman pajama wearing kids spend glitching is well worth it for me because it means there moms are alone for me to have fun with. just so ya know kids while your cheeting on gears of war for hours at a time im in your moms bedroom digging my way to china through her underwear.

  • penny

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  • Gearhead Glitch

    This is the new era for cheats. Next Gen systems are seeing less and less of cheats out there. I search everywhere for cheats and find things like… beat the game and then you will be able to do something really lame later… like change the color of your clothes!

  • Natebate


  • Natebate

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