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Best Top Digger Truck Kids Games For iPad & iPhone

October 16, 2012 – 10:44 am | Comments Off

There are a couple of great truck games on the iPad you might enjoy for your kids that I wanted to share. As far as construction truck and Schoolbus games for kids go, these are …

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G4 Disses Aeropause

Submitted by on September 7, 2006 – 6:18 pm20 Comments

I was at my desk today when all of a sudden I hear Kevin Pereira mention something about a video showing how to get 60,000 kills in Dead Rising. I immediately perked up because if you are a loyal Aeropausian you will remember that we made a video on just that subject a few days back. To my surprise they were showing the video that I created. I was happy to see something I did on TV, but then I noticed that they gave absolutely no credit to our humble website. I posted the video on Youtube so I expected that it would be used on some other blogs, which did happen, but unlike those blogs G4 decided not to give any credit whatsoever.

So I ask G4, Why? Why did you not take one second to say thanks to the guys and gals at I know the video is no major accomplishment, but a quick shout-out would have been nice. Bloggers always give credit where credit is due and I think that TV should hold itself to that standard also.

  • heavyness

    cause G4 is a bunch of hacks. why should they care about standards when they will be out of jobs sooner or later. G4 died long time ago… strike that, G4 was never alive.

    someone get adam sessler another job [he knows his games].

  • Stephen_Z

    That’s a bunch of bullshit. Not even a mention as to where they got it? I never liked that show anyway. Their jokes are lame and pretentious.

  • Nick

    That’s copyright enfringement. You should contact them as soon as possible to let them know that you are the author and ask them why they didn’t ask for your permission to broadcast the video.

    They should know better, television stations are normally very careful with things like this (to avoid potential litigation).

  • Richard

    Yeah I could bitch copyright infringment but that is what I did myself technically so that would never stand up, plus its not worth it anyways

  • Nick

    Hmmm… just watched the video. I didn’t realise before that you used commercial music. Showing parts of a videogame for review or commentary is “fair use”, but commercial background music is not.

    How much did they show? Did they deliberately cut out the “Brought to you by Aeropause” bit?

  • Richard

    They cut it down to about 35 to 40 seconds long, and dubbed some music over it. They also edited out anything that said

  • tippmann

    I would definetly say get in contact with G4. Maybe they will cut you a fat check to keep this under wraps. Here is a question since im not to brush on my laws, but does posting something on a site like youtube make it fair game for anyone to use in any way. I would imagine no, but maybe they know something we dont.

  • Shane

    No, posting on YouTube means you have the rights to the video unless someone else owns it of course. Videos get taken down all the time at the request of the submitter.

  • Nick

    Posting a video to YouTube does not put it into the public domain; you still retain all copyright.

    You do provide YouTube with a non-exclusive right to use the video (including sublicensing and modification). It *is* possible that G4 got permission from YouTube to modify and use the video; but I think this is unlikely.

    If G4 did request permission from YouTube and YouTube gave it to them without even informing you… well, that would be something important to report.

  • lynx

    maybe it’s because you don’t link your entries! I always can not link correctly to your entries because you had the great idea to make flash-versions out of your permanent links!


  • Frank

    There’s links to the entries in 3 places. If you click on the title, the authors name or the comment button. 3 places…

  • Fronz

    Hmm, i coulda swore there was some tricky youtube rule that meant you lost the rights to your videos – maybe it has to do with length of the video or how old the upload is. Dunno.

    They actually cut off the opening Aeropause part? That’s terrible man – blatant rudeness. I’d definitely hit up their site and mention the complaint – it’s not whining, it’s worth bringing it up.

  • Jenni

    Now, I can understand why this is upsetting. But the unfortunate part is that you don’t actually have any rights here.

    “That’s copyright enfringement. You should contact them as soon as possible to let them know that you are the author and ask them why they didn’t ask for your permission to broadcast the video.”

    Errr, yeah, that part. Someone doesn’t own a copy right to game footage because they played it. Capcom (or anyone else) could use that however they see fit and not give you a hint of credit.

    But it was a pretty bitch move on their part. But unfortunately there’s nothing legally wrong with what they did.

    Besides, everyone knows Kevin Pereira is a tool.

  • Mike

    More reason to hate G4 for everything they ruined about good ol TechTV. FU, G4 turds

  • Richard

    Oh I know that we have no legal case against them, that is obvious, its more of a moral case.

    Here at Aeropuase we make it a standard that we always link back to where we get our information. I was in a blog state of mind. I guess TV just does not have our ethics.

  • Niero

    Thats pretty fucked up. I think they did the same thing to the guys at GayGamer awhile back where they sourced some of their material but didn’t give them credit. I wonder if its a hack deep inside G4′s writing team scouring blogs for material to post as his own, or a larger company-wide policy problem at G4. I’d like to know where this goes after your inquiry. They you some air time, thats for sure.

  • Steve Johnson

    We’re really sorry:

  • smash

    Steve, the direction you guys went with in that post at the AOTS website was outstanding and I applaud your actions.

    Love the video. :)

  • Nick

    “Errr, yeah, that part. Someone doesn’t own a copy right to game footage because they played it.”

    The video wasn’t just plain game footage. It included text instructions.

  • Jenni

    Hmm, I still don’t think you can copyright a few lines of text like that, esp if its over footage of something you don’t own. But yeah, I’m with you about it being wrong.

    I still think it’s really messed up but atleast they said sorry I guess. I think the only reason they did that was to save face.