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Best Top Digger Truck Kids Games For iPad & iPhone

October 16, 2012 – 10:44 am | Comments Off

There are a couple of great truck games on the iPad you might enjoy for your kids that I wanted to share. As far as construction truck and Schoolbus games for kids go, these are …

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5 Reasons Why The Wii Will Win & Lose

Submitted by on September 19, 2006 – 7:34 am39 Comments

Over the past few months I have been wrestling with the issue of whether or not to get a Nintendo Wii. I have so many reasons why I should get one but at the same time I have just as many reasons not to. Some of these reasons even overlapped themselves and became impossibly hard to decide over. So I decided to write my reasons down for both sides. I took on the mindset of the Jeckle & Hyde of gaming and tried to convince myself either way but alas I am still befuddled. Maybe our loyal Aeropuasians can set me straight.


5bad.jpg5. Controls

  • Happy

    I love the price of the system. Also, anyone notice that of the third party games releasing, the top ones are made by ubisoft. w00t. i’m a college student living in a dorm. Right now, there is a high percent of my friends who are getting wii’s. i contacted a gamestop gaming store around and they told me i was the 700 college student that day to call seeing when they would be taking preorders. By having the system in a awesome price range for the holidays, the wii will definitly be a hot item. Anyone notice that the ps3 releases 2 days before wii but all you see online etc is people talking about the wii. Granted, the gamecube was almot completely multiplayer based, the wii is a combination of single player and multiplayer and with a sleek eye friendly controller ( gamecube controller greatly detracted people purple is a no no) it will be a hot item plus with 4 million units going world wide and the USA getting them first, just be prepared to sit outside your favorite game store 24 hrs before release lol.

  • miek

    You know what.
    All microsoft has to do is to make a new controller and *voila* Microsoft says “wee, win all the money.”

    wii = new remote… and… hmmm. thats it. well how hard is it to make a new remote.

    wii is dead.

    Oh yeah. Sony can do it too.

  • Richard

    Where are the online multiplayer games?

    About a month ago Nintendo made a big deal about how they would not be charging for online play. Well that’s nice because none of the launch and early titles supports online multiplayer. Nintendo said the first game that will support online play will be Pokemon Battle Revolution, but they have not announced when that will be available in the US.

    This also means that if you want to play multiplayer you will be limited to those titles that support that on a single console. And you will have to buy more expensive controllers.

  • O

    What a contradictory article. <_<

    Nintendo have now left the console war. Infact, both Sony and Microsoft have pledged their allegiance to Nintendo, knowing full well that people will buy the Wii for it’s unique features, regardless of whether they own/are buying PS3 or 360.

    Nowadays it’s not “Hmmmmm…PS3, 360 or Wii?”. It’s more “Hmmmm..PS3 or 360?” followed by “Wii?”

  • G3K0

    Considering its size, its pretty powerful. If top developers like Retro Studios can outdo XBox graphics with a title like Metroid Prime, I’m anxious to see what top developers can do with the Wii.

  • Jordan

    My beef with Nintendo machines in general is the lack of games that are actually worth buying. What was the last Gamecube game that was actually worth $50? Geist? (2005) Battalion Wars? (2005).

    I’m really not interested in a machine that has 4 or 5 AAA titles over the lifetime of the platform.

  • AzaMcWazza

    Jordan, I agree with you….if you’d made that comment 5 years ago. The Wii launch lineup is pretty impressive. The launch “window” (I say next 3-4 months) is going to be even better, and developers seem to be getting behind it. Add to that all the VC games, 30 by year end and 10 a month after that(!!) and there will be a lot to keep people with the Wii (I know those VC games aren’t AAA present, but there will be lots there that people will want to play, and that were AAA in their day)

    I think Nintendo have learned their lesson regarding 3rd party titles, and have relaxed a bit. I was looking at becoming a Nintendo developer about 8-9 years ago but realised, after getting the contract that I’d have no soul after selling it to them for the privilege.

  • Wii will rock you

    There some good points in your blog, but when you wrote “Will the motion sensors work in low light?” I had to read it twice!
    If you meant the motion sensors within the Wiimote, yes they will work, as they’re basically accelerometers that convert phyiscal movement (based on gravity) into electrical impluses. That are then sent via bluetooth to the console. Light will not disrupt this.
    If you mean, sensing where your pointing to on the screen, then maybe, but I doubt it. I think that works using infra red, like a normal remote. Using triganomitry the sensors on the sensor bar work out where the wiimote is in 2D space, like using multiple radar stations to trianglate a planes position. And as infra red, as far as I know, isn’t effected but light levels, I think the Wiimote will work perfectly.

  • Lucernario

    I think that the wii is truly an innovative console. Personally, I don’t think graphics are that important, except for for FPS, which make me literally sick (unfortunatelly). Self-called “hardcore gamers” are usually FPS gamers, for whom graphics really do add to the experience. I grew up playing videogames, and in the past years I’ve noticed how games became more annd more the same thing, only better graphics (FPS again, and some RTS too…) but adding no new features to improve gameplay and fun. I think the wii has an enourmous potential. I just hope that developers see this potential too… That said, and a $25o price tag, I will definitevly get a wii sooner than a ps3, although the ps3 also looks like a very promising, yet expensive, console… One extra nostalgia post: all these posts expressing allegiance to one system or another remind me of the days when people discussed SNES vs Sega Genesis. Oh, and I don’t care the wii doesn’t play DVD’s!

  • Ralf The Dog

    The cost of a Wee for me is 0. It will not eat one of my HDMI ports or one of my HD composite ports. The PS3 will eat one of my HDMI ports, but I can use it as a Blueray (Assuming it has good quality). The Xbox 360 costs me nothing because I will not get one.

    It is sad that the MPAA will not let us have HDMI switches. Eventually the hardware makers will figure out how much the MPAA is costing them. Ban the MPAA!

  • Z?

    Just a reminder: how much did you have to pay for a PSP (keep in mind that it is a portable!!) 2 years ago? that’s it, $250!
    I think people assumed that Wii (do you remember how much was said about this “ridiculous” name? now it’s “fun”) would be a huge bargain and now they can

  • alex

    Don’t forget, graphics cost money. Not just in regards to the system that produces them. To make the most of the hardware the games need to be awesomely detailed, which means more artists, more developers, more time, more money.
    In the gaming world there have always been limiting factors. The difference now is that games are restricted, not by the potential of the hardware to realise the gaming concept, but by the complexity of the actual implementation of that concept.
    Every graphically superior game will be a huge investment, which means it will be a safe investment.
    Saying the wii will be inovotive is not simply a glib PR statement, dependent on its brand spanking new control system. It will be inovotive for it will be playing with less risk. More wacky concepts, more mistakes but more of those little gameplay gems that make the gaming world sparkle.

  • SantaClaws

    you have a good arguement and a bad one at the same time, you kind of contradict yourself by saying it’s a loss on nintendo’s part my saying “same old same old” and then saying it’s also a loss that it’s too different and people won’t be able to handle diversity?

  • Woodworking project plans

    The PS3 will eat one of my HDMI ports, but I can use it as a Blueray.