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Best Top Digger Truck Kids Games For iPad & iPhone

October 16, 2012 – 10:44 am | Comments Off

There are a couple of great truck games on the iPad you might enjoy for your kids that I wanted to share. As far as construction truck and Schoolbus games for kids go, these are …

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I could use $15,000.00

Submitted by on October 25, 2005 – 3:37 pm4 Comments

After looking at ButtonMashing’s blog value I decided to see how much Aeropause is worth. Surprisingly only $15k! I would’ve thought more but it’s only 3 months old. Joystiq came in at almost 1 million with $982,299.60 Check it out though – see how much yours is worth. How does this work you might ask?:

” Inspired by Tristan Louis’s research into the value of each link to Weblogs Inc, I’ve created this little applet using Technorati’s API which computes and displays your blog’s worth using the same link to dollar ratio as the AOL-Weblogs Inc deal.”

My blog is worth $15,242.58.
How much is your blog worth?

  • vc

    Whoa — we’re worth nearly a mil? Why am I still eating ramen noodles?!?

    (Oh, because they’re tasty.)

  • Shane

    Haha. Even the wealthiest enjoy chowing down on 99 cent gluten noodles once in a while eh.

  • Gary

    Sweet, my blog is worth… (drumroll)


    I’m rich!

  • Shane

    In due time Gary my friend, in due time… ;-)